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As the guards open the heavy door ahead of you, a foul, evil smell fills the air. Against your better judgment, you move cautiously through the door and down the dark forbidding tunnel. Suddenly, the door slams shut behind you its loud echo reverberating endlessly into the darkness. And that's when it hits you: That queasy feeling that comes from knowing that you are not alone.
MORDOR - THE DEPTHS OF DEJENOL is a grand-scale Fantasy Role Playing game that captivates all who play it. This first adventure will take you to the world of Mordor and the Mines of Marlith, now known as The Depths of Dejenol.

In The Depths of Dejenol you will create characters from a choice of races, oversee their training in skills taught by one or more of a dozen guilds, and lead them into a mysterious dungeon on a nearly endless mission of exploration, mapping, and looting.

Along the way, you will encounter hundreds of exotic and terrifying creatures. And when properly trained, you will be able to charm or vanquish them as you see fit.

As you venture deeper into the mines, you will discover rare and powerful artifacts. Artifacts that you can sell for considerable profit or use to cast magical spells.

The deeper you explore, the more excitement and challenge you’ll find. But proceed with caution, or you may discover why so few explorers return from... The Depths of Dejenol.


  • Exciting non-linear play
  • Real-time action and combat
  • 2D graphic world
  • Rich musical soundtrack
  • Exciting sound FX
  • 256 color graphics
  • Hundreds of unique items and monsters
  • A rich collection of magical spells
  • Nine character races to choose from
  • A dozen guilds with specialized skills
  • Auto mapping
  • Auto-compatibility with most Windows displays types and sizes
  • A game environment so advanced, and a world so rich, you will be challenged by each new adventure.

US $19.95 - ORDER NOW

Shipping and Handling: $7.00 in the United States and Canada. $12.00 outside the US and Canada.


Windows 3.1, 3.11, 95, OR NT 4
8 Megs of RAM
12 Megs of Hard Drive.

We recommend 16 Megs or RAM and 20 Megs of HD Space.

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